Hacking Philosophy

Circle of Hacking

 +->[ Sighting Problem ] 
 |  [~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]----->[~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] 
 |                            [ Analyze Problem ]
 |  [~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]<-----[~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]
 |  [  Finding Exploit ]
 |  [~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]----->[~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]
 |                            [ Using/Reporting ]

Art of Hacking

From 'Rig Veda'

"Who so would kill us, whether he be a strange foe or one of us."

Means: "The security parameters could be defeated by (un/mis)-handled feature or an already compromised component present within an un-breakable system."

"Loosed from the Bowstring fly away, thou arrow, sharpened by our Prayer. Go to the foemen, strike them home, and let not one be left alive."

Means: "Make an exploit robust, accurate, infectious and untraceable."

Skills could be seen as 13 chapters of Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' ~

  • Laying Plans

    Exploit the parameter never thought to be a part of the security implications of the system.

  • Waging War

    Don't overburden yourself with complex routes, if there exist less techie but more easy options.

  • Strategic Attack Planning

    Exploit the parameter never thought to be a part of the security implications of the system.

  • Tactical Disposition

    First secure your own location & technologies, then you are in safe & stronger place to attack.

  • Directed Energy

    Attacking a complex security infrastrucure is no different than a simple one. Break it down.

  • Weaknesses & Strengths

    Analyze the system well to aim its vulnerability and leave it's alarm system untouched.

  • Engaging the Force

    One can't defeat an opponent without knowledge of opponent's security & service design.

  • Variations & Adaptability

    The system, service & security could be set up with any kind of tweaking and hence makes the pre-analysis for attack a failure. Attacker must be always ready to amend its ways.

  • The Army on the March

    When to attack, and when to wait. Instincts to stay out of trap & sense enemies.

  • Situational Positioning

    Access, attack & safety parameters involved.

  • The 9 Battlegrounds

    Different types of security parameters lead to different attack or sometimes no attack practices.

  • 5 Ways of Attacking with Fire
    • Break-in target's system with deception
    • Starve the resources powering security
    • Attack availability of service
    • Defeat the implemented security system
    • Infect reachable systems related to target
  • Intelligence & Espionage

    Gather as much information possible and try attacks like spear phishing to have a slave.

It's your Dharma to Hack, if you are a Geek.

& it all starts in following part of this Eden Guide

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