Eden Guide to Hacking

A bootstrap guide to hacking practices in a major and short to read style, the way you don't get bored instead infer major concepts and practical usability.

Zeroth Part 'Fundamentals' is available as Gitbook for now. Working on moving written chapters to it, then will work on writing more.

This book is divided in 5 parts.

The zeroth part covers setting up context required for security enthusiast. Explains few terminologies and discusses skills important for the task. It tries to map philosophy of security to cliched Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Chapter.0 Defining discuss what Hacking, Hackers and their child Security is. Chapter.1 Skills Required explains what all skill one need to adapt to become good Hacker. Chapter.2 Hacking Philosophy uses some psych-analysis; hacking guidelines.

In first part, readers will come acorss different aspects of hacking cycle. It goes into depth of classic stages like reconnaissance, scanning vulnerabilities, profiling target zone and exploiting targets. It also tries to cover on post hack steps.

Chapter.3 Acquire Target clarifies to find mistake, you need someone making it. Chapter.4 Reconnaissance says strongest of castles have been defeated with enough inside information. Chapter.5* Scanning discusses how to gather more info on acquired targets and improve it with recon's feedback. Chapter.6 Vulnerabilities Profiling focus on how to utilize scanning results to create an attack strategy. Chapter.7 Exploitation deals in implementation of attack strategy. Chapter.8 System Puppet-izing explains post-exploitation strategies. Chapter.9 Reporting is what the name says, collating everything that happened in consumable information.

Popular and essential toolset for hacking is discussed in the second part.

Chapter.10 Software Armour details useful and popular toolchain to achieve all learning from previous parts. Chapter.11 Software Target showcases some utilities helpful to test the art of hacking in contained environment.

Third part covers major attack case studies for better insight.

Fourth part covers the responsibility part of it all.

There is an extra part with quick list of references and terminologies explaination.

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