opensource projects
gmail-helper (python cli): helpful GMail tasks over OAuth2 like delete mails by filter
weeproxy (go svc): minimalist http proxy based on url path with graceful stop
dory (go svc): secret sharing service with auto-expiry/persistent data; no accounts needed
webaudio-samples (w3c): Web Audio examples drum kit, do-re-mi and guitar tabs
http200 (go svc): use as placeholder service with dynamic routes addition
ficklepickle (go lib): struct pickling library with compression and encryption
goshare (go lib): a TimeSeries/NameSpace/KeyVal DataStore (using leveldb) over HTTP &/or ZeroMQ
raguel (bash dsl): It's here to be the friend of Bourne Shell Gods to create minion scripts to serve the SYSTEMS.
n00bRAT (C svc): a Remote Admin Toolkit (or Trojan) for POSiX (Linux) system working as HTTP Service
rss-motor (rubygem): an RSS Motor for your application to get rolling on using RSS Feeds
irc-qik-bot (rubygem): its a babbling IRC Bot very quick to setup and act ;) aiming to be intelligent
yaga (flutter): yet another gaming app, currently just tic-tac-toe
playlist (w3c): play maah list an attempt at static site with searchable playlist
tyson (go cli): to hammer-in data load at HTTP, Redis
dotfiles collection of shell functions for cli shortcuts
drop-a-bomb using Web Audio to mimic a bomb drop sound
node-version to manage Nodejs distribution using binary distribution
go-version to manage Golang distribution using binary distribution
md2html.sh to convert Markdown to HTML online
editor bookmarklet code to have text editor from Bookmarklet
raguel example of using DSL for Bash Scripting
ddl-rss-media shell function to download RSS media given URL