Recently launched LuDe https://beta.lude.page,
easiest platform to create good Shorts/Reels.

fear and loathing on interweb!
one way 'to have' is 'to create', even when not the best way... it's a learning or just a Game

opensource projects, snippets and tutorials
gmail-helper (python): cli utilities for GMail API over OAuth2 like delete filtered mails
weeproxy (golang): a wee bit http reverse proxy with load-balancing, graceful stop, metrics, rate-limiting and circuit-breaking
dory (golang): secret sharing service with auto-expiry as default, doesn't need accounts

go-versions (bash snippet): download and enable different go lang versions

tutorials notes from talks and articles on programming languages, services, tools, more
art, music and writings via primal and digital
guitar, ukulele & other music notes from self-study
music/sound samples provided under creative commons license
instagram#thetunerambler collection of some musical ramblings

poetry, stories & more forms of word collection

photographs curated from the reality's perception
artwork collection of some 3D/2D artwork, sketches & photographs
on systems, development and security
have not been posting anything recently,
will start again soon

last blog Oct/2014: What qualifies the Project to be a Product?