Just a rubygem console utility to get focussed INFO about your Go Continuous Integration pipeline easily, no more switching again to browsers.




$ gem install ci-go-nfo

Usage Ci-Go-Nfo ver.0.0.1

to set-up credential config for your go-ci

  • $ ci-go-nfo setup

it asks for (a.) the location where you want to store your configuration file (b.) the URL for your Go Server like http://my.go.server:8153 (c.) then username and password (create a read-only a/c for it)

to show go-ci info of all runs

  • $ ci-go-nfo

to show go-ci info of failed runs

  • $ ci-go-nfo fail

to show go-ci info of passed runs

  • $ ci-go-nfo pass

.....more to come